Calendar 2013

Hand made desk calendar of paper

For creative users

Let me introduce my latest product, the hand made desk calendar made of paper. You will need a scalpel, glue, ruler, cardboard and print template. I made it for users who like to work with paper in a creative way. The ready calendar can be a decoration on your desk and you can be proud that you made it.

  • First print the template on an A/4 format sheet of paper, 200-250 grams
  • Scratch the paper along the dotted lines. Be careful not to cut it the paper through, you must scratch only the top surface. If your hand is firm, you can do it without a ruler.
  • After scratching each part indicated with a dotted lines, cut out the shapes along the solid lines.
  • After cutting out fold in each part which were scratched before.
  • On the surfaces for gluing, stick the pieces of the calendar together according to the numbered order.


Have nice time while making the calendar!

See the instruction Full HD video:


The calendar is downloadable from the next sites:





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  1. Zolta|18:15, 13. November, 2012 Reply

    Great idea!

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